Annotation tool

Annotation tool screenshot

  • Allows to easily create annotations for videos.
  • Visualize tracker output
  • Supports various input file format (SQL and XML-based).
  • Export video results.
  • Download Win32 binaries (2015/09/07 release)
    Source code

    Metrics tool

  • Calculate the CLEAR MOTS [1] metrics using the annotation and the tracker output
  • Generate output to file in CSV (helpful for scripts)
  • Download Win32 binaries
    Source code

    Urban Tracker

    Urban Tracker screenshot

  • Allows to tracks road user in urban setting.
  • Download Win32 binaries (Latest version, with LobsterBGS)
    Sample tracking project (Latest version, with LobsterBGS)

    Download Win32 binaries (WACV'14 version, no ViBe)
    Sample tracking project (WACV'14)
    Source code